Environmental policy

We are an environmentally conscious business so it may be that your order may not arrive in a brand-new box but will always be well wrapped. All ‘recycled’ packaging will be fit for purpose and in excellent condition and the goods inside will still be just as amazing! In order to minimise our carbon footprint, unless you specify, we may dispatch all your items together once your complete order is in stock.

Our seashells are sourced responsibly from regulated sustainable resources. Our coral is faux so that we are not contributing to the decline of this precious marine life, however, our faux coral is incredibly realistic and just as beautiful.

We absolutely love our faux plants and flowers – they have a truly natural and organic look, making them incredibly realistic artificial flowers.  By choosing artificial flowers, you can have beautiful flowers in your home all year round. The carbon footprint is far less than real plants and flowers; and great if you have any allergy sufferers in your house or if you have pets.  Our faux plants and flowers are also great for darker rooms and you never need to remember to water them! In terms of cost, they may cost more at the start, but they will last a lifetime!